Frequently asked questions

Select at most clubs is understood to be a ‘win at all costs’ environment.  The Nomads Soccer Club is purely developmental.  Although we have won trophies and state championships, our goal is to help players develop the skills set they desire in order to play at different levels.  With that in mind, success is not always measured in wins and losses and winning isn’t necessarily determined by the score of the game.  Teams “win” when they progress as a unit, whether they score more goals than the other team or not.  Success as a player is measured by their ability to maintain or advance during competition.  Some clubs chase wins, trophies and medals, whereas the Nomads see that as a byproduct of development.  

Coach Kyzer

Below are some answers to some frequently asked questions.  Additional questions can be sent to our Club Director at   If you are currently a member of another club you may not get a specific response (only a generic one) until after the permitted contact date established by the Tennessee State Soccer Association.  The information below is general.  Some aspects may vary slightly from team to team.

Where do you practice?

  • Almost all of our training sessions are in the Hixson area.

What is your practice schedule?

  • Nomad teams train twice a week, August through May, weather permitting.
  • Here are the proposed practice windows for 2019-2020:
    • Boys ~ Tuesday & Thursday 5:30 – 8:30
      • Younger boys first, older boys second
    • Girls ~ Monday & Wednesday 5:30 – 8:30
      • Younger girls first, older girls second.
    • High School girls practice Sunday & Wednesday during TN High School season.
      • We continue to practice during high school season but we do not compete in independent games per TSSAA rules.

How important is competitive play?

  • Tournaments and match play are to provide competition for select teams.  
  • Being able to play in three states within a 3-hour radius makes it very easy for any team in Chattanooga to find competitive play and remain cost effective.

How much do your teams travel?

  • Over the course of the club soccer season, most teams play in 3 – 6 tournaments.
  • We select tournaments that are under 3 hours travel time from Chattanooga.
  • We also play local and out-of-town friendlies when not in tournaments.

How does a player make a team?

  • All players must compete for roster positions. Having played for the Nomads in previous years does not guarantee you a roster spot on a team.

What do the coaches look for in players at tryouts?

  • While tryouts vary from team to team, all coaches look for players who have the potential of becoming high-level, competitive players. Throughout the tryout, coaches assess several player qualities, including but not limited to:
  1. Technical skill.
  2. Tactical awareness.
  3. Physical abilities.
  4. Psychological dimension.

How will we know if we have made the team?

  • All players must attend a minimum of two tryouts.  Some players may be asked to return for a third tryout if team placement is not immediately determined.
  • You will be contacted by the club after the conclusion of your final tryout.